Half Plate Armor

Half Plate Armor Half Plate Armor
Grade: d

Type heavy Equip chest
Weight 8220 Durability
Crystals 710 Price 391000
Material fine_steel
Physical Defense 111 Magical Defense 0
MP bonus 0
Queen Ant40[1-2]37.5%
Stakato Queen Zyrnna34111.5%
Guilotine, Warden of the Execution Grounds3518.4%
Eye of Beleth3515.2%
* Zaken's Elite Pikeman4311/5618
* Dimension Invader Archer4311/6803
Snipe Cohort4211/7752
* Mardian4211/10526
* Taik Orc Warrior4211/15152
Tamlin Orc4111/19231

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