Noble Elven Bow

Noble Elven Bow Noble Elven Bow
Grade: c
Bestows either Evasion, Miser or Cheap Shot.
Type bow Equip Two-Handed
Weight 1760 Durability
Crystals 1148 Price 2870000
Material mithril

Physical Attack 252(5) Magic Attack 68
soulshots x8 spiritshots x2
Critical 12 MP consume 7
Atk. Speed 293 Hit modify -3.00000

Retreat Spider Cletu4213.3%
* Pit Archer4811/37037
* Fiend Archer4811/66667
* Fiend Archer4811/90909
Cave Servant Archer4711/90909
* Forest of Mirrors Ghost4811/100000
* Fiend Archer4811/125000

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