Dark Elven Long Bow

Dark Elven Long Bow Dark Elven Long Bow
Grade: b
Bestows either Evasion, Critical Bleed or Miser.
Type bow Equip Two-Handed
Weight 1720 Durability
Crystals 1157 Price 8680000
Material oriharukon

Physical Attack 397(5) Magic Attack 100
soulshots x3 spiritshots x1
Critical 12 MP consume 8
Atk. Speed 227 Hit modify -3.00000

Lilith's Witch Marilion5012.9%
Black Lily5511.8%
* Archer of Despair6111/58824
Beast Guardian5911/66667
* Sharp Talon Tiger5911/125000
* Doom Scout5611/166667

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