Crystallized Ice Bow

Crystallized Ice Bow Crystallized Ice Bow
Grade: c
Bestows one of the following functions: Guidance, Evasion, or Quick Recovery.
Type bow Equip Two-Handed
Weight 1790 Durability
Crystals 916 Price 2290000
Material crystal

Physical Attack 220(5) Magic Attack 61
soulshots x8 spiritshots x2
Critical 12 MP consume 6
Atk. Speed 293 Hit modify -3.00000

Leto Chief Talkin4015.3%
* Dimension Invader Elite Soldier4511/9174
Lith Commander4511/14706
Gigant Commander4511/14706
* Catacomb Liviona4411/17544
* Dimension Invader Magus4511/21739
Zaken's Archer4411/25000
Timak Orc Troop Leader4511/30303
Zaken's Archer4411/35714
Zaken's Archer4411/47619
Tanor Silenos Scout4411/58824

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