Stockings of Doom

Stockings of Doom Stockings of Doom
Grade: b

Type magic Equip legs
Weight 910 Durability
Crystals 201 Price 1510000
Material leather
Physical Defense 52 Magical Defense 0
MP bonus 236
Fairy Queen Timiniel6111.7%
Lord Ishka6011.4%
Lilim Knight6311/27027
Nephilim Centurion6311/27027
* Platinum Tribe Soldier6711/27027
* Tomb Sage6711/28571
* Alpen Buffalo6711/34483
Lesser Giant Soldier6211/37037
Mul's Knight6711/43478
* Lesser Giant Scout6311/43478
Bathin's Knight6211/45455
* Crendion6211/47619
Lesser Giant Mage6411/58824
Wailing of Splendor6711/58824
* Bone Shaper6611/62500
Judge of Light6611/66667
Requiem Behemoth6711/66667
* Guillotine's Ghost6711/71429
Frost Yeti6311/76923
Alpen Buffalo6711/76923
Alpen Buffalo6711/76923
* Soul of Splendor6311/76923
Lost Yeti6211/83333
Heathen Archer6711/333333

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