Zubei's Leather Gaiters

Zubei's Leather Gaiters Zubei's Leather Gaiters
Grade: b

Type light Equip legs
Weight 1480 Durability
Crystals 129 Price 973000
Material leather
Physical Defense 73 Magical Defense 0
MP bonus 0
Ghost of Peasant Leader5015.2%
Black Lily5513.5%
Magus Kenishee5312.8%
Lilim Marauder5711/17544
Nephilim Guard5711/17544
* Leogul6111/33333
Blade of Splendor6111/35714
* Frost Buffalo6111/35714
* Lost Gargoyle Youngling5611/37037
* Dismal Pole5811/55556

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