Avadon Breastplate

Avadon Breastplate Avadon Breastplate
Grade: b
-1 a,2376,2379,2415,5714,5730
Type heavy Equip chest
Weight 7920 Durability
Crystals 277 Price 2080000
Material leather
Physical Defense 157 Magical Defense 0
MP bonus 0
Paniel the Unicorn5414%
Messenger of Fairy Queen Berun5012.5%
Harit Hero Tamash5512.2%
Ghost Knight Kabed5511/105
Deadman Ereve5111/113
Nephilim Bishop6011/47619
Lost Iron Golem5811/50000
Lilim Priest6011/52632
Forbidden Path Invader Elite Soldier6011/55556
* Purgatory Serpent5611/58824
* Ghost of the Tower6011/66667
* Flash of Splendor6111/111111
Forbidden Path Invader Food6011/142857
* Frost Iron Golem5911/142857
* Cave Maiden5911/142857
* Doom Servant6011/142857

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