Branch of The Mother Tree

Branch of The Mother Tree Branch of The Mother Tree
Grade: a
Bestows one of the following functions: Conversion, Magic Damage, or Acumen.
Type bigblunt Equip Two-Handed
Weight 900 Durability
Crystals 2160 Price 27000000
Material wood

Physical Attack 226(20) Magic Attack 152
soulshots x1 spiritshots x1
Critical 4 MP consume 0
Atk. Speed 325 Hit modify 4.00000

Icicle Emperor Bumbalump7411%
Fafurion's Herald Lokness7011/160
Immortal Savior Mardil7111/310
* Messenger Invader Warrior8011/90909
* Lavasillisk7811/100000
Assassin of Empire7811/125000
* Ashuras7811/125000
* Tepra Scarab7811/142857
Assassin of Empire7811/142857
* Ashuras7811/142857
* Ketra Orc Grand Seer7811/166667
Offering Bug7911/166667
* Ketra Orc Lieutenant7811/250000
* Grazing Windsus7811/250000
* Grazing Buffalo7811/250000
Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8011/1000000

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