Atuba Mace

Atuba Mace Atuba Mace
Grade: d

Type bigblunt Equip Two-Handed
Weight 1010 Durability
Crystals 3272 Price 1800000
Material fine_steel

Physical Attack 90(20) Magic Attack 72
soulshots x3 spiritshots x3
Critical 4 MP consume 0
Atk. Speed 325 Hit modify 4.00000

Guilotine, Warden of the Execution Grounds3511.1%
Breka Warlock Pastu3411.1%
Dimension Invader Discipline4311/83333
Dailaon Lad4211/90909
Timak Orc Troop Archer4111/125000
* Timak Orc Soldier4211/166667

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