Necklace of Wisdom Chain

Necklace of Wisdom Chain Necklace of Wisdom Chain
Grade: none
A key material that Dwarves use to make the Necklace of Wisdom. Can be sold in any shop.
Type material Consume type stackable
Weight 60
Price 840
Material liquid

Used in Recipes:
x3Recipe: Necklace of WisdomRecipe: Necklace of Wisdom

Salamander Noble1911.4%
Enku Orc Shaman2011.1%
Mandragora Sprout2011%
* Lirein1811/110
Crystalline Beast1811/113
Corpse Candle1711/116
Shade Horror1711/139
* Cave Fang Spider1611/141

* Langk Lizardman Sentinel1926.3%
Stink Zombie1925.8%
Hallowed Watchman20118.8%
* Undine1719.3%
Crimson Spider1619.1%
Dark Succubus2017.1%
Kasha Blade Spider1716.4%
Dion Grizzly2016.4%
Ruin Zombie Leader1616.4%
* Ratman Sub Chieftain1916.3%
Kasha Imp1916.2%
Evil Eye Seer1816.1%
Scavenger Bat1816%
Red Eye Barbed Bat1816%
* Vuku Orc Fighter1716%
* Langk Lizardman Warrior1716%
* Pincer Spider1716%
Whinstone Golem1416%
Undead Slave1915.8%
Pitchstone Golem1915.8%
Bugbear Raider1715.8%
Grizzly Bear1715.8%
Moonstone Beast1715.8%
* Gora Werewolf1615.8%
Red Scavenger Spider1615.7%
Hook Spider1615.7%
Talon Spider1615.7%
* Dre Vanul Tracker2015.5%
Boogle Ratman Leader1815%
Ore Bat1714.8%
* Silent Horror1614.8%
Kuruka Ratman1614.7%

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