Recipe: Leather Gloves

  Name Level Quan MP Success% Price
Recipe: Leather Gloves Recipe: Leather Gloves 1 1 60 100 135
Creates: Leather Gloves
For Dwarves only. The recipe for Leather Gloves. Requires Create Item - Skill Level 1. The success rate is 100%.
Type recipe Consume type stackable
Weight 30
Price 135
Material liquid
3xLeather Gloves LiningLeather Gloves Lining
24xAnimal SkinAnimal Skin

Vuku Orc Archer1517%
* Crimson Spider1516.9%
Goblin Tomb Raider Leader1216.1%
Cave Spider1515.6%
* Misery Skeleton1415.5%
* Skeleton Archer1315.5%
Skeleton Hunter Archer1315.4%
* Akaste Bone Soldier1215.2%
Shield Skeleton1515.1%
Baraq Orc Warrior Leader1114.9%
Evil Eye Patroller1412.8%

Marsh Zombie Lord14137.1%
* Lesser Dark Horror15135%
Kasha Spider15134.3%
Orc Lieutenant11129.9%
Dungeon Skeleton Archer13127.4%
* Tunath Orc Warrior12126.3%

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