Soul Bow

Soul Bow Soul Bow
Grade: a
Bestows one of the following functions: Cheap Shot, Quick Recovery, or Critical Poison.
Type bow Equip Two-Handed
Weight 1660 Durability
Crystals 2160 Price 27000000
Material oriharukon

Physical Attack 528(5) Magic Attack 125
soulshots x2 spiritshots x1
Critical 12 MP consume 10
Atk. Speed 227 Hit modify -3.00000

Vanor Chief Kandra7212%
Bloody Priest Rudelto6911.8%
Beast Lord Behemoth7011.6%
Guide of Offering8011/35714
Executor of Sacrificial Offerings8011/35714
* Imperial Commander7811/43478
* Messenger Invader Elite Soldier8011/45455
* Abraxion7811/47619
Messenger Invader Magus8011/50000
* Dancer of Empire7811/58824
Dancer of Empire7811/62500
* Imperial Commander7811/66667
* Abraxion7811/71429
* Katraxis7811/71429
* Ketra Commander7811/76923
* Katraxis7811/83333
* Grazing Elder Antelope7811/111111
* Grazing Nepenthes7811/125000
* Varka Silenos Priest7811/125000
* Monastery Guardian7811/125000

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